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About Us


Welcome to our family-owned and operated print and engraving shop, where personalization meets professionalism. With a legacy spanning over 30 years, we take pride in customizing everything from essential printing solutions to heartfelt personalized engraved gifts.

What Sets Us Apart

At our core, we believe that every project deserves a personal touch. Our skilled team meticulously crafts each product to meet your unique vision and requirements. Whether it’s a corporate printing job or a cherished personalized gift, we infuse care and dedication into every detail.

Our Commitment to Community

Being part of the vibrant fabric of San Diego’s local businesses has been a cornerstone of our journey. For over three decades, we’ve collaborated with fellow enterprises to foster collective growth. By supporting each other, we’ve nurtured an environment where companies and the community thrive together.

what we do

laser Engraving

This technique harnesses a concentrated burst of high-energy beams, swiftly and accurately etching a diverse array of materials. From uncoated metals, wood, acrylic, plastic, leather, textiles, and beyond, these beams craft intricate patterns with finesse.

Fiber Laser Engraving, particularly excels in enhancing uncoated metals, such as stainless steel products including switch plates. Using a focused burst of laser light generated from fiber optics, it precisely engraves and marks, lending a distinct touch to metal surfaces. This technology has found its niche in decorating and personalizing uncoated metals, adding a touch of artistry to industrial precision.

Full color printing

We offer a spectrum of digital printing methods tailored to our clients’ demands. From vibrant full-color business cards to eye-catching brochures, banners, and decals – our repertoire is diverse and expansive to fit your needs.


.We provide various processes to match your apparel customization needs. We provide embroidery, silk screening, sublimation and heat transfer capabilities. Between these we can find a solutions that fits your desire. We are not limited to only shirts, but also provide various customizable wearables.

Promo Products

Branding is essential to getting your name out there. We help do that by providing products that are cost effective and able to be purchased in large quantity. We can provide items with your logo on it to make sure you standout. Items such as water bottles, keychains, pens, and any other ideas you may have seen before. We can help you source them and make them custom to your business.


Industrial engraving is the process of using a computerized machine and cutter to create depth into a wide variety of substrates. We use this process to support the various types of contractors when engraving is needed. Whether it be plastic, stainless steel or other materials, we can make sure your product will last.


Sandcarving, also known as sandblasting or abrasive etching, is a process used to carve or engrave designs, patterns, or text onto various surfaces using a high-velocity stream of abrasive material propelled by compressed air. The abrasive material, often fine sand or other particles, is directed at the surface with controlled force, which erodes away the material to create intricate and detailed designs. Sandcarving is commonly used on materials like glass, stone, metal, and wood to achieve a depth and texture that adds dimension to the engraved artwork.


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Our Staff


Meet Leo, the driving force behind our day-to-day operations. Beyond being the owner and manager, he’s a friendly face who enjoys meaningful interactions with everyone who visits. Leo’s commitment shines as he consistently goes above and beyond to ensure our clients are more than satisfied.


Meet Jasmine, our skilled designer. Whether you’re talking on the phone or visiting us in person, she’s your go-to. Share your ideas, and watch as she crafts vibrant designs that transform your vision into reality.


Meet Brentton, the orchestrator of our production. Behind the scenes, he navigates every order with finesse and embraces challenges head-on. With an unyielding dedication, he delves into the realm of cutting-edge technologies, ensuring we remain at the forefront. His commitment translates into the unparalleled craftsmanship we offer you.

Mushu (Mascot)

When he’s not catching up on his beauty sleep (a dog’s gotta look good, you know), you’ll spot him keeping an eye on things – no squirrel escapes his watchful gaze! He definitely has his own fan club among our favorite visitors. But most of the time, he’s in his official role as the “Chief Pawsitivity Officer,” making sure work gets done and snacks get devoured.